Collaborating with AI: Jewelry

Side by side: AI-generated design and handmade necklace
This week, I had the opportunity to work with my colleague, Pinar Yanardag, who specializes in collaborating with artificial intelligence to create a variety of things. Among her most recent work, she has input thousands of pieces of data into algorithms to allow the AI to generate hundreds of ideas for pizza recipes, dresses, perfumes and now, jewelry. With this data, and the help of practitioners such as cooks, dressmakers, etc., Pinar narrows down the data, and uses it as a template for creating new things.

Check out Pinar's post on her site: "How to Generate (Almost) Anything," which discusses the process in detail, includes a video of our collaboration, and more images of the jewelry we created.

AI generated jewelry images
Pinar sent me hundreds of images which I culled in order to determine what would be the most feasible to make. After we decided on several striking pieces, she purchased beads, baubles and findings at the Grand Bazaar, in her home city of Istanbul. I combined them to create a few examples of necklaces, pins and earrings, in a collaboration with artificial intelligence.

AI-designed necklace Pinar will wear to a conference, along with an AI-designed dress

Using the imagery created by AI as inspiration for forms, many interpretations become possible.

Fish bauble, created from an AI design, using beads, including a nazar, or evil eye pendant, in the shape of a fish

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