When worn as a shawl, InVisible provides a symbolic skin of protection against pervasive cultural supremacy. The morningstar form is an expression of cultural power which is used here to transform.

pieced organza
60" x 60"

Is white cultural supremacy, which expropriates and erases other cultures, a translucent veil so permeating it's nearly invisible to those living under it?

As a Dakota person, I experience cultural supremacy as a tool of the dominant culture that sets itself as the standard, forces assimilation and constantly perpetuates itself to reinforce structures and institutions which maintain a limited picture of reality.
photos by Zach Jama and Gary Zhexi Zhang

The white gossamer fabric of this shawl is nearly transparent, but as it moves, it reflects rays of light in a full spectrum of colors, which affirms its self-possessed strength of presence. It is a reminder that other realities are possible.