Cruel and Inhuman Shadowbox

Cruel and Inhuman Shadowbox, photographed by Richard Nicol

Fired Terracotta, Hemp, Copper, Wood

6.5" x 8.5" x 8"


In this piece, the human impact of oppression surrounding victims and survivors of violence are explored. Interpretations engage the viewer in a visual communication through stimulating emotions. This work demonstrates the horror of physical and psychological torture. It depicts a soul trapped in a stupor, unable to move from generations of trauma and abuse, on display and void of a connection to humanity, as if functioning in normality. I seek to provide a vessel through which these emotions can be collectively experienced, for acknowledging them is a first step in coping with them.

Exhibited at:

"Modern Day Warriors: Empowering the Young Voices of Native America"
Native American Rights Fund Juried Art Auction in November, 2007

"In the Spirit: Contemporary Northwest Native Arts" Exhibit at the Washington State History Museum, 2007

"Just Us: Engendering Justice," Office of Sexual Assault Prevention Exhibit
at the Evergreen State College, 2011

Published in:

Red Ink Magazine Vol. 13 No. 2, 2007