I exist in a world of ideas

I exist in a world of ideas
Building ladders and weaving hammocks in my imagination
To swing from my place of contentment
Between thoughts of peace and strife
Seeking solutions to problems for a moment or a lifetime
Predicting possible futures and visiting the past in a flash
Ancestors embrace and buoy me from behind the curtain, just beyond where I can touch
I exist in a world of ideas
Breathing intangible perceptions and recycling them for use as bodily fuel
Floating in a vast ocean on another planet too many light years away to get there by flying
Projecting myself into the minds of others to find out their motivations and expand consciousness
Protecting myself with a bubble of thought-neutrons
Spinning a web of possibility to help me make decisions
Listening, I find the world around me and the one within are not that different
I exist in a world of ideas
Take flight in my dreams but have some trouble landing
Through sieve-like senses, I filter the universe
I am tiny and I am large
I am ugly and I am beautiful
I am a doomed wretch and I am an enlightened being
I get stuck in a vortex and have trouble pulling myself out, but I keep trying
I exist in a world of ideas
I am a vessel through which things flow, and sometimes what comes out is a mystery to me
I have a path and yet I am directionless
Befuddled and walking through a strong wind, I alight on a sail and suddenly all is right
Wading through information, gathering it, sorting it, and stacking it in piles for later use
But hoarding is not good for my mind, so I learn to let go of the clutter
Facts are embedded in a mineral substrate, I am chiseling to get to the big ones but sometimes get lucky when I find a little one, rare, crystalline and relevant
Pounding and pulling, building muscle mass, making a mess
Stepping forward in a random choreography of thought patterns
I exist in a world of ideas
 ©2016 by Erin Genia

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