Wakinyan Speaks

Wakinyan Speaks
Micaceous clay, glaze, brass, wood, acrylic
36" x 36" x 5"

With a red earth palette, clay is used to render a convergence of epic storms. Air currents, clouds and whirlwinds collide to depict atmospheric turbulence, connecting increased climactic disturbances to human activity - portrayed by a tiny human face caught in the fray. Streaks of clear glaze bring a deluge of rainfall. A shining brass lightning bolt captures the moment the Wakinyan, or Thunderbeings, speak a warning of imminent chaos and large scale earth crises.

Work in progress: forming the clay wind swirls, preparing to air dry before firing:

One of the bisque-fired swirls, you can see the sparkling mica flecks in the clay body:

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