Marshmellow Renovations 2015

The Marshmellow is my trusty 1968 Dodge Chinook Mobilodge which has been converted into my art studio. It's most recent transformation includes a new floor (which was desperately needed), built-in shelving and a fresh paint job. It feels much more spacious, clean and comfortable now.

Spring cleaning in the Marshmellow included painting over the brown paneling, making it a lot brighter inside. Yes - artists do need good light.
Enjoying the fresh appearance from the driver's seat
I had broken my foot at the same time the renovation was happening, so my family members helped keep the project on schedule by taking the lead in installing the linoleum tile flooring, I assisted where I could.
The floor is done!
With a classic vehicle like this one, upkeep is a constant necessity. I used to live in the Marshmellow, and after the birth of my children, decided it would make an ideal studio. I received a National Native Creative Development Grant in 2007 and 2008 to convert it into a workable space for art-making. It's equipped for doing painting and other 2D media, ceramics, silver-smithing, small-scale carving, and framing.
Clay artist Stevei Houkamau (Maori: Ngati Porou) standing in the door of the Marshmellow. June, 2015

This year's repairs and upgrades have improved the atmosphere inside, making it more conducive to the creative process than ever before!

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